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MONUMENTAL (also MNMNTL) as a core team has been working together under different (now lost to time) names and studios for at least ten years. Whenever we had creative control, the projects invariably went through a certain route.



As we got together one more time for yet another spooky trip into the infinite possibilities every project promises, we needed a name that expressed what we stood for.


Enter the Monumental Horror-Image concept, as it was put forth by writer Sean T. Collins.


These are the images you remember when the movie is over and the lights are off and you are closing your eyes to drift off to sleep. They sport no blood, no gore, no violence.


And yet, they stay with you. Because they are wrong.


The Pale Man from Lost Highway. The twins from The Shining. Sadako climbing our of the TV in Ringu.


The concept, synthesizing much of our own goals with horror — with the added bonus that MONUMENTAL has both the same meaning and spelling in English and Portuguese — felt like the perfect name.

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